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Let us setup and configure the Microsoft suite of innovative office tools. We can help you build powerful apps to deploy across your organization and teach you best practices.

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Tenant Setup

A tenant is your organizations starting point in the cloud. Azure Active Directory handles all of your user related accounts optionally syncing with your local Active Directory. 

Services and features in the cloud are provisioned per user account. Mix and match any services with any user. These services include the popular Office 365 features like Email, OneDrive, Teams, Word, Excel Power Point and more. Business users enjoy SharePoint, Power Platform and Dynamics products.

Tenants are scalable for any organization size. Whether you have 5 employees or 5000 the features are the same.

SharePoint 411 is happy to discuss and recommend your best path forward into the cloud.



SharePoint 411 will assist and provide a full solution architecture. The Microsoft Power Platform enhances the cloud experience with Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and Power BI. Connections into many back end data sources allow custom integrations and decrease development efforts. 


Power Apps are capable of mobile and desktop device formats and may connect to data sources like SQL, SharePoint, Excel, CDS / Dataverse (CRM), and other 3rd party connectors. 

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Intranet Services

An Intranet Portal is like your organization’s private website. It includes site architecture, team sites, external users and data considerations.

As your organization evolves, it is important your intranet evolves as well. SharePoint is well suited to handle any intranet design demands. A proper design provides security and intuitive pages to assist your organization with the content it requires. SharePoint 411 will assist you with your portal design, while sharing best practice ideas and keeping your data secure.

Security Services

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is authentication that requires the use of more than one verification method and adds a second layer of security to user sign-ins and transactions.

We always recommend starting your security with MFA.

Microsoft Secure Score is included with your tenant to take the necessary steps to best protect your users and data. 

SharePoint 411 can assist you with proper security planning and discuss additional data loss prevention policies.


Migration Services

New or merging tenants often require Email and data migration services. Careful planning is required to have a successful migration.

SharePoint 411 is very experienced supporting many large and small organizations with moving to the cloud. No two migrations are ever the same. Whether you have older servers, cloud 3rd party email, existing Google or Microsoft tenants, we have migrated it all.

User account management along with merging or migrating existing email data is the first consideration. Complete this first step carefully to avoid painful repairs later. Data should be properly organized and migrated to the proper SharePoint site collections considering security, external access and search conditions.

Forms, apps, video files, workflows and custom code all require special consideration. 

Some migration tools are expensive. Some are free. Ask us to help determine the best path forward.



Training is the fundamental after thought. Now you have this tenant full of features and buttons. How do you use it?

Our goal is to provide beginner to advanced training for every organization. Every day users need to know how to navigate around, send emails, join a teams meeting and work on some files. Advanced users should be aware of the many advanced features available that will save time and increase productivity. Forms, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Apps, SharePoint are all included with standard Office 365 licenses. Why pay for it and not use it!

We want to work with you if you don’t currently have a Microsoft partner or need a specialist to help implement and get the most out of Microsoft 365. At Sharepoint 411, we work with organizations of all sizes, from mid-market to enterprise size. We tailor our training to your organization’s specific needs – we work at your pace and comfort. If you have development needs, contact us to discuss your project requirements.

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